TOS-2 Tosochka Of Russia Is In The Final Stage Of Testing-Bolster Fire power

TOS-2 Tosochka of Russia is in the final stage of testing. As compared to the TOS-1 and TOS-1A heavy flame throwing systems, the Tosochka is mounted on the wheeled chassis and needs no transport loader vehicle, learned citing TASS.

TOS-2 Tosochka Of Russia
TOS-2 Tosochka Of Russia

The latest TOS-2 ‘Tosochka’ heavy flamethrower and ISDM ‘Zemledeliye’ remote-controlled mine-laying vehicle are at the final stage of their trials, Head of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec Sergei Chemezov announced on Friday.

“These vehicles were demonstrated for the first time to the public at the Victory Parade on June 24, 2020. The Tornado-S is already being supplied to the troops. The Tosochka and the Zemledeliye are now undergoing the final stage of trials,” the Rostec head said.

TOS-2 Tosochka

As compared to the TOS-1 and TOS-1A heavy flame-throwing systems, the Tosochka is mounted on the wheeled chassis and needs no transporter-loader vehicle, Chemezov noted.

“The shells are loaded into the launcher with the help of a loader crane placed directly on the combat vehicle,” the Rostec chief specified, adding that this technology made the flamethrower more universal and autonomous.

The Tosochka heavy flamethrower is also outfitted with electronic warfare systems against precision weapons, Chemezov said.

The latest Zemledeliye remote-controlled mine-laying vehicle that is also at the final stage of its trials has reduced an operator’s role to the minimum. As the Rostec chief stressed, the vehicle prepares flight mission assignments and pre-sets munitions, including their self-destruction time, in the automated mode.

“The vehicle makes an automatic salvo at designated target points and automatically registers mined areas on electronic terrain maps,” Chemezov explained.

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