Tor-M2 Anti-Aircraft Missile System will be Improved in Russia with Swimming Over Water Barriers

Tor-M2 All weather tactical anti-aircraft missile system will be improved in Russia with Swimming over water barriers. The Current version had already demonstrated its capabilities in Syria, having shot down more than 45 artisanal drones belonging to the militants, learned citing gazeta.


Tor-M2 – In Russia, they are developing a version of the Tor-M2 air defense system capable of swimming, said Lieutenant General Alexander Leonov, chief of the military air defense of the Armed Forces, in an interview with the National Defense magazine.

“The Tor-M2 modification is being developed on a specialized wheeled chassis. The main requirement for a combat vehicle is swimming over water barriers, ”he said.

According to the general, anti-aircraft defense (air defense) units deployed in the Arctic and the Far North will be equipped with Tor-M2DT anti-aircraft missile systems. He emphasized that today it is of “great importance” in the context of the increased interest of a number of countries in this region.

Leonov said that the Tor-M2 systems would enter the Russian troops until 2027.

The Russian Defense Ministry and the Kupol plant last year signed a contract for 100 billion rubles. for the supply of Tor-M2 to the troops.

Thanks to this, the share of modern short-range weapons will increase, and for enterprises this will be reflected in economic stability, the stable operation of dozens of related enterprises of the military-industrial complex (MIC), the development of scientific potential, in particular, in the creation of promising weapons, the general is convinced.

All-weather tactical air defense system “Tor-M2” is designed for air defense at the level of the division level during combat operations and on the march, as well as the protection of communication centers, command posts and other facilities.

The system is capable of shooting down planes, helicopters, radio-controlled missiles, adjustable and planning air bombs, drones and other elements of modern high-precision weapons.

The Tor-M2 complexes proved to be in Syria and, as Leonov said, they shot down more than 45 artisanal drones there. He emphasized that in the Ground Forces short-range air defense systems “Tor” of various modifications – this is the main means of combating the striking elements of precision weapons and tactical combat aircraft. The system covers objects in the Arab Republic in cooperation with the S-400 and Pantsir-S air defense systems.

“For practical testing of the defeat of small targets, air defense units created an exact copy of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle. -“ Gazeta.Ru “) artisanal production used by militants of illegal armed groups in Syria,” the general emphasized.

In April last year, the general director of the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant “Kupol” (part of the Almaz-Antey concern) Fanil Ziyatdinov said that the Tor-M2 air defense system had been tested in real combat conditions.

“Tor-M2” completely confirmed its characteristics not only during test and training firing, but also when performing special tasks in real combat conditions, “RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

Ziyatdinov drew attention to the fact that in terms of the aggregate combat characteristics of the air defense systems of the Tor family they have no equal. He argued that this is well known to specialists both in Russia and abroad.

Chief Designer of the Engineering Design Bureau “Vympel” named after I.I. In a conversation with the Izvestia newspaper, Toropova Viktor Yeletsky called the main task of Tor-M2 the defense of the troops of the first echelon.

“Tanks, artillery, motorized rifles should be protected from air strikes. Compared to its prototypes, the Tor-M2 complex has software that is fully consistent with the nature of modern combat. He can fire at four targets simultaneously, while the first version of the Torah could fire only one at a time, ”Yeletsky emphasized.

According to him, Tor-M2 covers a larger part of the front line than its predecessors.

He called it the only complex in the world capable of working on the go. Previously, a division or air defense regiment had to make a short stop to open fire on a target. And only after that they continued to move.

“Today we can solve fire tasks in motion. Decent speeds, ”said the chief designer of Vympel.

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