Saab Opens a Centre in the United Kingdom for Future Combat Air Programme-To Develop Indigenous Capabilities

Saab Opens a Cenre in the United Kingdom for Future Combat Air as a hub for its participation in the FCAS programme. Saab is committed to built a long term relationship with UK, learned citing aviationdefenceuniverse.


Stockholm Saab is to create a new FCAS centre in the United Kingdom as a hub for its participation in the FCAS (Future Combat Air Systems) programme. Saab is committed to build a long term relationship with the UK related to FCAS by investing initially 50 MGBP. The UK and Sweden signed a MoU on FCAS co-operation in July 2019. Saab is leading Sweden’s FCAS industrial participation in close co-operation with Sweden’s Ministry of Defence.

Saab Plan For Future Development

Saab continuously plans for future developments in every domain. Combat Air is an important part of our strategy for long-term growth and Saab is taking the necessary steps to remain at the forefront of System of Systems development and the advanced technologies within Combat Air.

”Combat Air is a key component of Sweden’s defence policy and it is defined as a national security interest. Saab’s FCAS strategy ensures that the technology is in place to support a long term future air capability and also to support continuous upgrades of Gripen E for decades to come”, says Micael Johansson, President and CEO of Saab.

“Saab took the decision to create a new FCAS centre so that we can further develop the close working relationship with the other FCAS industrial partners and the UK Ministry of Defence. This emphasises the importance of both FCAS and the United Kingdom to Saab’s future,” says Micael Johansson.

The location of Saab’s FCAS centre is currently being considered. The centre forms part of Saab’s long term plans for the UK market to develop indigenous capabilities, invest in research and development and grow intellectual property.

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