Rajput class Guided Missile Destroyer of India

Rajput class Guided Missile Destroyer of India. The Rajput-class guided-missile destroyers built for the Indian Navy are modified versions of Soviet Kashin-class destroyers. They are also known as Kashin-II class. The ships were built in the former Soviet Union after considerable Indian design modifications to the Kashin design.

Rajput class Guided Missile Destroyer of India

The Indian Navy ordered five modified Kashin II class guided missile destroyers from the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Built at Nikolayev (now in Ukraine) between 1977-86, the Rajput class was commissioned between 1980-88. Their countermeasure suites were upgraded in 1993-94 but plans for further modernisation with Ukrainian assistance have now been shelved and the navy is looking to Russia for improvements instead.

Indian press reports in 2002 indicated that one of the Rajput class destroyers was fitted with the Indo-Russian BRAHMOS cruises missile for its first test-firings at sea. This missile has a 300 km range and was designed to carry a nuclear warhead.

The primary anti-shipping ship weapon is the P-20M (SS-N-2D Styx), a large subsonic infra-red homing missile with a range of 83 km, it carries a 513 kg warhead. Ranjit and the Ranvijay were planned to be fitted with newer Kh-35E (SS-N-25 Switchblade) anti-ship cruise missiles, that have a range of 130 km. The ship’s Volna (SA-N-1 Goa) surface-to-air missiles have a range of 31.5 km and can engage aircraft at an altitude up to 22.8 km. All the Rajputs are equipped with a twin 76 mm gun, while four twin 30 mm weapons are carried by Rajput, Rana and Ranjit, and four six-barrel 30 mm CIWS mountings are fitted to Ranvir and Ranvijay.

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