Mi-171Sh Assault Transport Helicopter Of Russia

Mi-171Sh Assault transport helicopter of Russia. The Mi-171Sh is an export model of the Russian Mi-8AMTSh. It can be seen a dedicated assault transport version of the Mi-171, which in turn is an improved version of the Mi-17.

Mi-171Sh Assault Transport Helicopter
Mi-171Sh Assault Transport Helicopter

The Mi-171Sh is an export model of the Russian Mi-8AMTSh. It can be seen a dedicated assault transport version of the Mi-171, which in turn is an improved version of the Mi-17. Sometimes The Mi-171Sh is referred as the Terminator. It made its first flight in 1996 and was first publicly demonstrated in 1999. Currently it is in service with Angola, Bangladesh, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ghana, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka, and some other countries. The Mi-17 series helicopters are popular due to their good value for money and ease of maintenance. Also this helicopter is combat proven, rugged and dependable.

The main role of the Mi-171Sh is to carry supplies and troops and support them with its firepower. Before landing it can soften up enemy defenses. The Mi-171Sh can also perform combat search and rescue, as well as medical evacuation tasks. Countries with limited military funding use such assault transport helicopters instead of dedicated attack helicopters.

This assault transport helicopter accommodates 26 fully-equipped troops. For medical evacuation missions it can carry 12 stretchers plus one medical attendant. The helicopter can carry 4 000 kg of payload internally, or the same amount of payload externally on the slings. Early versions of the Mi-171Sh have rear clamshell doors. Newer versions have a rear ramp. It seems that there is a version of the Mi-171Sh assault transport helicopter with VIP interior, which retains its weapons.

The Mi-171Sh has a crew of three, including pilot, co-pilot and gunner. The gunner uses a sighting system, located under the nose, and aims various weapons.

Armaments Of Mi-171Sh

Mi-8AMTSh-VN Russian helicopter
Mi-8AMTSh-VN Russian helicopter

Armament of the Mi-171Sh was derived from Mi-24 gunship. It has two stub wings with a total of 12 hardpoints for various weapons. This helicopter can carry around 1 500 kg of weapons, including Shturm-V (AT-6) or Ataka-V (AT-9) anti-tank guided missiles, bombs, pods with 23 mm twin-barrel cannons and pods with 57 mm or 80 mm unguided rockets. The Mi-171Sh can engage enemy infantry, armored vehicles and main battle tanks.

Also it can carry Igla-V (SA-18) air-to-air missiles, that give this helicopter a secondary air-to-air capability against enemy helicopters, low-flying aircraft and UAVs. There are two trainable 7.62 mm machine guns hidden behind doors and operated by the passengers. The Mi-171Sh has got some armor. During peacetime operation the stub wings can be completely removed.

This helicopter is powered by two Klimov TV3-117VM turboshaft engines, developing 2 190 shp each. These engines allow the helicopter to operate in high altitude and mountainous terrain. VK-2500 engines were proposed as an option. Also comparing with the earlier Mi-17 helicopters it has new and structurally improved rotor blades. The Mi-171Sh can limp back home with one of the engines destroyer or damaged. In the event of failure another engine automatically increases its power to around 2 500 shp in order to continue the flight.

Comparing with the earlier Mi-17 series helicopters, the Mi-171Sh has updated avionics and modernized electronic core. It can operate at night and in adverse weather conditions. It is equipped with GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite navigation systems. Newer versions can be identified by a “dolphin nose” and are also fitted with weather radar.

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