LR-PGK To Be Developed By BAE Systems For United States Army’s 155mm Artillery Shells

LR-PGK, Long Range Precision Guidance Kits to be developed by BAE Systems for United States Army’s 155mm Extended Range Cannon Artillery Munitions Shells, learned citing armytechnology.

LR-PGK, Long Range Precision Guidance Kits

BAE Systems has won a contract to manufacture Long-Range Precision Guidance Kits (LR-PGK).

Under the $33m multi-year contract, the company will produce LR-PGK for the US Army’s 155mm Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) munitions artillery shells.

This will enable the service to achieve long-range precision strikes beyond 70km by 2023 even in challenging electromagnetic environments.

BAE Systems Precision Strike vice-president John Watkins said: “We’re helping the army meet its precision strike objectives with this critical long-range artillery capability.

“Our experience in precision guidance, rugged electronics, and artillery platforms has helped us develop a kit that improves mission effectiveness.”


BAE Systems will deliver a series of LR-PGK fuses, which will be tested in live-firing for accuracy and reliability.

In addition, the company has invested in designing LR-PGK for low-cost production and upgradeability.

With GPS anti-jam technology, it is developed to help troops with accuracy.

It offers reduced Circular Error of Probability (CEP), decreased collateral damage and increase manoeuvrability.

In September last year, BAE Systems demonstrated the LR-PGK capability at Yuma Proving Ground.

Additionally, BAE Systems has developed and delivered guidance systems for precision munitions, including the M109 family of Self-Propelled Howitzers.

It also provides the army with artillery round explosives and propellants.

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