Khabarovsk Class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine of Russia-Project 09851

Khabarovsk class nuclear powered attack submarine of Russia. It is known that each boat of this class will carry 6 poseidon nuclear tipped unmanned underwater vehicle.

Khabarovsk class nuclear powered attack submarine

Russian Navy ordered 4 new Project 09851 nuclear-powered submarines. These are based on Borei class ballistic missile submarines, but are smaller and carry different weapons. The lead boat Khabarovsk was laid down in 2014. It is planned to be launched in 2020. Some sources report that the second boat of this class is under construction. Details about these new boats is kept in secrecy.

   Little information is available regarding Khabarovsk’s weapons, however it is known that each boat of this class will carry 6 Poseidon nuclear-tipped unmanned underwater vehicles. Essentially the Poseidon is an autonomous nuclear torpedo with unlimited range. This deep diving weapon was designed to engage strategic enemy targets, such as carrier battle groups and naval bases.

It is a new type of nuclear weapon delivery system. Initially this project seemed to be too fantastical to be real, however in 2016 Pentagon reports confirmed existence of this weapon. Russia’s Belgorod and possibly Sarov special purpose submarines were used to test these new unmanned underwater vehicles.

   Most likely that Khabarovsk class boats will be capable of carrying other weapons, such as torpedoes, anti-ship and land attack missiles.

Khabarovsk Class Submarine Range

   The Khabarovsk class boats will be fitted with a nuclear reactor and pumpjet propulsion system. These boats will have unlimited range. Sea endurance will be limited only by food supplies.

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