India-Nepal Border Issue – misunderstandings will be solved through dialogue, Defence Minister

India-Nepal Border Issue will be solved through dialogue, says Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, learned citing businesstoday.

India-Nepal Border Issue

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Monday that although the newly-built road in Uttarakhand up to Lipu Lekh pass is very much under India’s domain, his government is ready for dialogue with Nepal. He articulated that India believed in clearing up any “misunderstanding” in its relations with Nepal through dialogue.

“If there is any misunderstanding between India and Nepal, then we will sort it out through dialogue,” he enunciated.

Speaking at BJP’s ‘Jan Samvad’ virtual rally in Uttarakhand, Singh highlighted that the two nations have deep ties with each other.

He underscored that both the countries “are bound together by ‘roti-beti’ and no power in the world can break it.”

“Our relations are not only historical and cultural, but also spiritual, and India can never forget it,” he said, adding “how can relations between India and Nepal break.”

Nepal’s Parliament had on Saturday unanimously voted to amend the Constitution to update the country’s new political map, laying claim over three strategically key areas along the border with it.

If the road built by India has caused any misunderstanding among the people of Nepal, then it will be sorted out through dialogue, the senior BJP leader said, asserting Indians could never have any bitterness about Nepal.

In his address, Singh said the Modi government had delivered on a host of promises like abrogation of Article 370and prohibiting instant triple talaq.

The gap between politicians’ promises and their work had caused a “crisis of credibility,” but the Modi government has triumphed over it by delivering on the party’s manifesto, he said.

The ties between India and Nepal came under strain after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated an 80-km-long strategically crucial road connecting the Lipulekh pass with Dharchula in Uttarakhand on May 8.

Nepal reacted sharply to the inauguration of the road, claiming that it passed through Nepalese territory. India rejected the claim, asserting that the road lies completely within its territory.

India sternly asked Nepal not to resort to any “artificial enlargement” of territorial claims after Kathmandu released the new map.

Nepal’s PM Oli has said that his government will seek a solution to the Kalapani issue through diplomatic efforts and dialogue on the basis of historical facts and documents.

India has been observing developments in Kathmandu but there has been no word on the developments.

He claimed that India built a Kali temple, created “an artificial Kali river” and “encroached the Nepalese territory through deploying the Army” in Kalapani. The river defines the border between the two countries.

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