Hypersonic Missiles – US Needs Billions to Adjust Missile Shield for Hypersonic Missiles – Gives Edge over United States – 1

Hypersonic Missiles – United States needs billions to adjust missile shield for hypersonic missiles as per Russian Official Sergei Ryzhkov, Chief of the Russian National Centre for Nuclear Risk Reduction, learned citing TASS.

Hypersonic missiles - avangard - kinzhal

The United States will have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to make its existing missile shield efficient against hypersonic missiles, chief of the Russian National Centre for Nuclear Risk Reduction Sergei Ryzhkov said in an interview published by the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper on Friday.

“In the conditions when hypersonic missile systems appear, the US defense industry will need additional hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade its existing missile shield to the acceptable degree of efficiency,” Ryzhkov said, adding that this is exactly what the US defense industry wants.

In his words “hundreds of billions of dollars of US taxpayers” have already been spent to create the missile shield.

Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic missiles are traditionally defined as missiles that travel at least five times the speed of sound, which is more than 3,800 miles per hour, and are considered highly maneuverable and capable of operating at varying altitudes.

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