Graney Class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine of Russia-Project 885 Yasen

Graney Class Nuclear powered attack Submarine of Russia is designed by Malakhit and being constructed by Sevmash for the Russian Navy. Based on the Akula Class and Alfa class designed, the Yasen class is projected to replace the Russian Navy’s current Soviet-era nuclear attack submarines.

Graney Class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine

The Project 885 Yasen (NATO designation Graney class) is a new Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine. It was a more technologically advanced and more capable alternative to the contemporary Akula class boats. Though these new submarines were also more expensive.

The lead boat, Severodvinsk, was laid down in 1993, however project was stopped in 1996 due to funding problems. In 2003 the project received additional funding and work continued. The lead boat was delivered to the Russian Navy in 2013. Officially this submarine was commissioned in 2014. That’s 21 years since its construction began!

   The second submarine of this class, the Kazan, was laid down in 2009 and launched in 2017. It is an improved project Yasen-M boat, fitted with improved electronic systems. Considerable changes were made to its design, as this boat has been laid down 16 years later than the Severodvinsk. However its construction was again plagued with delays due to funding and technical problems.

   In 2013 another submarine of this class, the Novosibirsk, has been laid down. It is also an improved project Yasen-M boat. Four more submarines of this class are under construction. In 2020 two more boats will be laid down. All submarines are be built at SEVMASH naval yard in Severodvinsk.

These new boats will eventually replace the Akula class boats, as well as Sierra I, Sierra II and Victor III class boats that become increasingly out-dated and approach the end of their operational lives. Most of these boats are in service for around 30 years. Production pace of the Graney class boats is rather slow, so in the near future a number of operational Russian attack submarines will reduce significantly.

   The Graney class boats are larger than the previous Akula class boats. These new Russian submarines were designed to attack carrier battle groups. These can also seek and destroy hostile ballistic missile submarines, attack submarines and ships. The Graney class submarines are also capable of striking costal targets, such as naval bases and ports.

Graney Class Weapon System

There are 24 vertical launch tubes for various cruise missiles. These include the P-800 Oniks (Western reporting name SS-N-26), which has a range of around 300 km. Also there are Kalibr (SS-N-27 Sizzler) cruise missiles. Improved Yasen-M boats might have more vertical launch tubes.

   Also there are eight 650 mm torpedo tubes for torpedoes and anti-ship missiles. Some sources report, that a total of 30 torpedoes and anti-ship missiles are carried. Mines can be carried in place of torpedoes. It is worth mentioning, that torpedo tubes are fitted behind the compartment of the central station. Some sources report that there are also two 533 mm torpedo tubes.

   Hull of this submarine is made of low magnetic steel, with a spherical bow sonar. It is considered that the Graney class are only slightly quieter than the improved Akula class. These new Russian boats are more noisy that the US Virginia and Seawolf Class nuclear-powered attack submarines.

   It is reported that this submarine has a crew of only 50, suggesting a high degree of automation. However other sources claim, that these boats have a crew of 90 submariners, including 32 officers.

   The Graney class submarine has a single pressurized water reactor. Reactor has a service life of about 25-30 years and do not has to be refueled. Sea endurance of these boats is limited only by food supplies. Some sources report that these Russian boats are significantly slower than US Virginia and Seawolf class boats.

   These Russian boats were designed to operate at greater depths than most existing submarines. These boats can reportedly dive to a maximum depth of 600 meters. That’s an impressive figure. Only US Seawolf class and Russian Sierra II Class attack submarines can dive deeper. This might be an indication that the Graney class boats have titanium hulls.

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