BMC Vuran Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle To Meet The Requirements Of Turkish Land Forces

BMC Vuran Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle of Turkey. This company specializes in production of commercial trucks, busses and various military vehicles.

BMC Vuran
BMC Vuran

The BMC Vuran is a recent Turkish mine protected vehicle. It is produced by BMC. This company specializes in production of commercial trucks, busses and various military vehicles. Some time ago the BMC company also designed and produced in another Kirpi ambush protected vehicle, that was built in large numbers and recommended itself well. The BMC Vuran is smaller than Kirpi.

Turkish military ordered 713 of these armored vehicles. Turkish Land Forces will receive 512, while another 200 will be delivered to the Turkish Coast Guard. Deliveries began in 2019. In 2019 at least 90 of these armored vehicles were delivered to the Turkish military. This mine protected vehicle saw action during recent conflicts where Turkish military was involved, including conflicts in Syria and Lybia. Turkey donated some of these armored vehicles to Libya. A couple of Vurans were delivered to Tunisia and Turkmenistan.

   The Vuran is typically used in the areas where mine threat is present. It can perform various tasks, including guarding checkpoints, patrolling, convoy protection, reconnaissance and border security.

   This armored vehicle can withstand blasts from mines and improvised explosive devices. It has a V-shaped hull which deflects mine blasts away from the vehicle. Crewmembers and passengers are seated on shock absorbing seats. Vehicle withstands blasts equivalent to around 6-8 kg of TNT anywhere under the hull. Also this armored vehicle can be fitted with a jamming system, which blocks signals that detonate roadside bombs.

   Ballistic protection is against 5.56×45 mm ammunition and artillery shell splinters. However protection against 7.62×51 mm armor-piercing ammunition is also available.

   This armored vehicle accommodates driver, commander plus up to 3-7 passengers, depending on the version. Passengers enter and leave the vehicle via side doors or power-operated ramp at the rear. Also there are roof hatches for observation, firing, and emergency exit, if the vehicle is overturned. Most mine protected vehicles are prone to overturning due to their high center of gravity.

   The Vuran is armed with remotely-controlled 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. Also there is a number of firing ports provided for the passengers to fire their individual weapons.

   The Vuran uses a number of readily available automotive components of BMC military trucks. It is powered by a diesel engine, developing 360 hp. Vehicle has 4×4 configuration. It is fitted with a central tyre pressure system and run-flat tyres. There is a front-mounted winch for self-recovery.


Mortar carrier, fitted with an Alkar 120 mm mortar. This mortar was designed by ASELSAN. It is a modern weapon with an automatic barrel laying system and automatic ammunition loading system. This mortar can be integrated on various wheeled and tracked chassis or even used as a stationary weapon.

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