BMC delivers Vuran 4*4 armoured vehicles for Turkish Armed Forces

BMC delivers Vuran armoured vehicles for Turkish Armed Forces. Turkey-based defence contractor BMC has delivered a new batch of Vuran 4×4 tactical wheeled multi-purpose armoured vehicles (MPAV), learned citing army technology.

BMC Delivers VURAN

Turkey-based defence contractor BMC has delivered a new batch of  Vuran 4×4 tactical wheeled multi-purpose armoured vehicles (MPAV) for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

Defense Industries Presidency chairman Ismail Demir stated that the firm’s ‘deliveries continue at full speed’.

As a mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP)-categorised vehicle, Vuran can be used to protect critical points and facilities in addition to patrolling, reported Daily Sabah.

In 2017, latest configurations in Vuran were displayed at the 13th International Defense Industry Fair in Istanbul.

At the fair, BMC displayed two of its latest armoured vehicles Vuran and Amazon.

Both these variants are smaller and more compact than the Turkish land vehicles maker’s armoured Kirpi.

Kirpi can carry 12 people, while Vuran can carry nine and Amazon seven.

The news agency had quoted a company official as saying in 2017: “These vehicles have the potential for use in major cities due to their agility. When you build a family of large and small vehicles, you can meet various needs ranging from the army to the police.”

Vuran features monocoque type armoured cabin and windows, seats that can absorb shocks, a V-structured bottom and weapon station. It offers protection against mine and ballistic threats.

It also equipped with front and rear cameras, automatic fire extinguishing system, central tire inflation, remote-controlled automatic weapon station option besides A/C heating and cooling features.

Several subsystems were also subsequently incorporated into the vehicle. These subsystems include mixer, smoke grenade launcher, ASELSAN Sarp remote-controlled weapon station, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence system, frame for windshields, cable cutting arms,  hydraulic winch, and fire extinguishing system for personnel section, engine section, vehicle and tires.

In addition to manufacturing commercial vehicles, buses and trucks, BMC manufactures various other vehicles for the army, including tanks and armoured cars.

Armies of several countries, including Qatar and most recently Tunisia, have signed agreements to acquire BMC vehicles for their armies.

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