Australian Army seeking tactical training gear for Abrams M1A2 tanks to upgrade capability

Australian Army seeking tactical training gear for Abrams M1A2 tanks to upgrade capability. The training proposal should provide a high fidelity simulation system to Abrams M1A2, learned citing asiapacificdefencereporter.

Australian Army

Australia’s Department of Defence announced it is seeking companies to help design, develop, manufacture and deliver an Immersive Tactical Trainer (ITT) for the Australian Army’s Abrams M1A2 capability sought under Project LAND 907 Phase 2. As part of Defence’s future Heavy Armoured Capability System, LAND 907 Phase 2 is to provide an upgraded Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank (MBT) capability by replacing the Abrams M1A1 variant and delivering upgraded supporting systems including the Armoured Recovery Vehicle capability.

LAND 907 Phase 2 will also provide the capability requirement to augment the current Abrams M1A1 MBT support system to support the Australian Army’s Abrams M1A2 MBT, encompassing Facilities, Training, Integrated Logistics Support and Commercial Arrangements.

The training proposal should provide a “high fidelity simulation system to train Abrams M1A2 crews as a precursor to live fire practical training and Immersive Tactical Collective Training from crew up to Army Training Level 6.

The ITT capability being sought seeks to provide:

  • An enhanced simulation capability that addresses Army’s requirement in areas where the Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS) has limitations against the Australian user requirement;
  • The opportunity for commensurate or reduced acquisition costs for the training system;
  • growth potential for the training capability and the ability to manage obsolescence issues into the future;
  • The opportunity for increased Australian Industry Capability (AIC) content in the acquisition of the Heavy Armoured Capability System; and
  • The opportunity for simulator integration into Defence’s Land Training Environment.

Defence anticipates having the products delivered by 2024.

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